It’s important to remember that bed bugs can be found anywhere, from the homes of the rich and famous to well-established hotels.

Follow our step by step guide and discover how you can check for bed bugs!

Prepare before you check

  1. Move all clothing out the way. If you’re in a hotel room, ensure your luggage and belongings are off the floor and away from the walls and furniture. We suggest placing all items into a clean bath tub.
  2. You will need a torch and a credit card before you begin your check.

How to check for bed bugs

  1. Start examining your bed linen by removing all bedding
  2. Run your torch over the bed sheet to look for any evidence of excrement or blood stains. However, there may not be any signs if the bedding has just been changed
  3. Examine the surface of the mattress using the torch, once again looking for excrement and bloodstains, as well as for bed bugs skins that may have been shed and eggs
  4. Take a credit card to run along the mattress seam, whilst holding it open to investigate with your torch. Look out for live bed bugs, skins or excrement
  5. Use the same process on buttons, traps and tags on the mattress
  6. Watch out for bed bugs whilst you flip your mattress and check all around the bed frame as you do so. It is recommended that this is done by two people to avoid strain or injury
  7. Move the bed away from the wall and use the torch to look for fleeing bugs, or stains of excrement or signs of blood spots
  8. Bed bugs may also be hiding in the crevices between pieces of wood or in the holes of screws, so ensure you thoroughly examine the underside of the bed frame.

Check other furniture

  1. Using the torch and credit card, examine all upholstered furniture as carefully as you did the mattress
  2. Check other areas of where people sleep, including cots and pillows
  3. Inspect tables and drawers thoroughly, by turning them over on to a white sheet so that any bed bugs are visible, as well as running a credit card through the crevices and seams
  4. Shake out any clothes stored in wardrobes and drawers, as well as examining the seams of heavy clothing and under collars. Take a torch to inspect the walls of the wardrobe
  5. All items including TVs, lamps and toys should be checked, as well as pet beds.

Check around your house

  1. Work outward from the bed in the first room and continue checking the rest of the house
  2. Check under picture frame, mirrors and loose wallpaper, as well as in the folds of curtains
  3. Move all furniture and appliances away from the wall and check both behind and under them, as well as under rugs and around the edges of carpets

Now you know how to check for bed bugs, here’s how to get rid of them and what products really work!

For more information and advice about bed bugs and other sleep issues, visit the SlumberSlumber sleep clinic.

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