Having guests staying but no spare bedroom? An Aerobed® inflatable airbed could be your perfect solution. Aerobeds® are the ultimate in portable, space saving, inflatable guest beds. Hassle free, they inflate in a matter of minutes with the electric pump provided. They deflate even faster, ready to be rolled up into their handy storage bag.

The advanced Aerobed® design means a great night’s sleep, supporting the spine in a comfortable and relaxed posture.

Which Aerobed® Is Right For You?

There are many different Aerobed® models and each has its own special features. When choosing an Aerobed that’s right for you, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase:

How High Do You Want Your Inflatable Guest Bed?

A Mattress Style Aerobed

These Aerobeds® are the same thickness as a traditional mattress, and are a fantastic choice for those who want flexibility. They inflate in under a minute, are lightweight, and pack into a neat little bag, so are perfect for spontaneous visitors as well as people on the move.

A Raised Aerobed

Raised off the ground like a traditional divan bed, these Aerobeds® look and feel exactly like a proper bed. Sturdy and supportive, they will provide guests with the ultimate in comfort, transforming any room into a bedroom, and back again, in an instant.

If you would like any help in selecting your air bed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Size Do You Want?

SlumberSlumber offers a full range of Aerobeds®, including mattresses and raised beds in single, double and king sizes.

Consider Additional Aerobed® Design Features

Each Aerobed® has its own special product features. Before you buy, think about what’s important to you. Look at the features and choose one that provides all the features you need. If comfort is key, choose from channel or coil construction for a firm, stable sleeping surface. Others will have a headboard for added luxury, and some have electronically welded seams and reinforced inner construction to support heavier weights.

Regardless of which Aerobed® you choose, with their innovative design and structure, we can ensure you’ll love the choice you make.

Aerobed Comfort Classic Inflatable Bed or Inflatable Mattress
Convenient and ideal for overnight stays
Powerful detachable screw-on pump for inflation
Quick deflation valve
Coil Construction (Aerobed Comfort Classic Inflatable Mattress)
Channel Construction (Aerobed Comfort Classic Raised Inflatable Bed and Aerobed Comfort Classic Raised King Inflatable Bed with Headboard)
Anti-Roll Technology
1 Year limited guarantee
Aerobed Comfort Classic King Air Bed with Headboard Aerobed Comfort Classic Raised Air Bed Aerobed Comfort Classic Air Bed Mattress

View our complete range of Aerobeds…

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