The holiday season is fast approaching and with friends and family soon to make an appearance have you thought about where your guests will be sleeping? This guest bed buying guide will explain the variety of different types of guest beds we have here at Slumber and which bed will suit the needs of your guest.

Image courtesy of Jay-Be® Beds

Inflatable Beds/Airbeds

We stock a variety of inflatable beds, including Aerobed®, Bestway and Coleman. Inflatable beds are handy for impromptu guests who are staying for a short amount of time. They are excellent space savers and can be easily deflated and stored away. They are also ideal for taking on camping trips or for kids sleepovers.


Image courtesy of Aerobed®

Aerobed® is the ultimate in portable, space saving, inflatable guest beds. Hassle free, they inflate in a matter of minutes with the electric pump provided. They deflate even faster, ready to be rolled up into their handy storage bag.

The advanced Aerobed® design means a great night’s sleep, supporting the spine in a comfortable and relaxed posture. There are many different Aerobed® models and each has its own special features.

  • A Mattress Style Aerobed®
    This Aerobed® is the same thickness as a traditional mattress and is a fantastic choice for those who want flexibility. They inflate in under a minute, are lightweight and pack into a neat little bag so are perfect for spontaneous visitors as well as people on the move.
  • A Raised Aerobed®
    Raised off the ground like a traditional divan bed, these Aerobeds® look and feel exactly like a proper bed. Sturdy and supportive, they will provide guests with the ultimate in comfort, transforming any room into a bedroom, and back again, in an instant.


Image courtesy of Bestway
Image courtesy of Bestway

Bestway’s range of airbeds are easily portable and packed with the latest in inflatable technology. The Alwayzaire™ range comes with Comfort Cell Tech™ I-Beam construction and unique surround frame designs for advanced support and stability. The inflatable range delivers the durability and comfort needed for guests at home or a camping trip away with family and friends.


Image courtesy of Coleman
Image courtesy of Coleman

Designed with camping in mind, Coleman airbeds can be inflated and deflated in no time at all, ideal for when you are on the move. At the end of your trip, they pack down into small pack sizes for easy transport and storage.

Things to consider before buying an inflatable bed

  • The Height of the Mattress
    A thicker and high mattress will be higher off the ground, making you feel like you are sleeping on a real mattress.
  • The Size of the Mattress
    Air beds are available in normal bed sizes such as a single, double, twin, king, and queen. There are only certain slight differences when it comes to the mattresses’ dimensions. However remember the edges of most air beds are less supportive than a normal mattress, so it is advisable to go for larger size.
  • The Purpose of Usage
    When buying an air bed you should choose based on what you plan to use it for. If you require an elevated air bed for guests visiting your home,  you don’t have worry about buying a compact and lightweight air bed. However, if you are getting an air mattress for camping, you will want to get one that is waterproof, made of thick PVC, and is resistant to punctures. When camping you will need to consider whether you have access to an electricity source if you know there will be no electricity access it is best to look at airbeds with foot pumps instead of electrical ones.  

Folding Beds

Image courtesy of Jay-Be® Beds

At Slumber Slumber we stock a variety of folding beds from Jay-Be®. Folding beds are ideal for friends and relatives who are staying at your home and who require extra support and comfort. They can be neatly stored away after use and come in a variety of sizes.

Foldable beds feature wooden slats or a J-Tech® sprung base system and come with a mattress similar to a conventional bed. There a variety of mattress types to choose from; pocket sprung, memory foam, water resistant etc. Pick a similar mattress to that which you would have in your bedroom. Mattress choices can vary by individual so remember to pick one which will cover all the basic needs of your guests in particular. Some foldable beds are also available with a headboard which will provide added support and comfort to your guest.

Foldable beds are easy to prepare, simply unfold the bed with the help of the automatic legs and your all set. Remember to buy a cover for your foldable bed as often it can become dusty when stored away. This is an ideal extra to ensure your bed is kept clean and fresh in storage so it can be enjoyed by your guests again and again.

Jay-Be® Storage Cover For Jay-Be® J-Bed Folding Beds

2-In-1 Guest Beds

Image courtesy of Airsprung

2-In-1 Guest beds are an ideal option for maximising on the use of bedroom space.

At Slumber Slumber we have a variety of 2-In-1 guest beds. They offer a more permanent solution for guest beds. Ideal for children’s sleepovers these pull out trundle beds offer the same comfortable support as a traditional bed.

Sofa Beds

Image courtesy of Jay-Be®

A sofabed is an ideal space-saving option for your home if you don’t have the luxury of a guest room.

There are a variety of different types of sofa beds

  • Futon
    A futon is the simplest style of a sofa bed that you’ll find. Most are made up of a single cushion on top of a metal or wooden frame. Futons are a popular choice for apartments but their no-frills look may make them too casual for some spaces.
  • Sleeper chair
    If you’re short on square footage and you tend to have only one guest at a time, a sleeper chair can be an ideal option. Sleeper chairs also offer more style options than a futon. However, sleeper chairs are often wider than standard armchairs.
  • Pullout sofa
    A pullout sofa is the most traditional choice for a sofa bed. Like a sleeper chair, these sofas can be found in almost any size and style. The most common choice for a pullout sofa is a classic three-seater sofa, which accommodates a queen-size mattress.

Different opening mechanisms

  • Click-clack
    A click-clack mechanism is a simple method used to open most futons. Simply pull the sofa frame forward until it clicks, then fold it straight back so it lies flat.
  • Pullout
    Most sofa beds and sleeper chairs are designed to easily pull open with one hand. After removing the sofa’s cushions, you’ll reach down and pull on a handle that unfolds the mattress.

Find out more about our range of Guest beds here.

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