Special Touches

Special Touches

Detail is a key factor that is often overlooked, may it be disregarded in a hurry or because it is not seen as of high importance. Detail pulls the room together and creates an overall tone of the room. A box of tissues, fresh towels and soaps that are available, are an easy addition to a guest room, but definitely make the guest feel welcomed.

Flowers, again are an easy extra but brighten up the room in only a way that nature can do.

The little things…

Offering a tray with bottled water and light snacks may seem a little over the top when there is a full kitchen nearby, but some guests may not feel totally comfortable heading towards the kitchen.

Even the simplicity of a rug provides a feeling of overall warmth in the room, and also keeps their toes warm!

Invest that little bit extra in detail and it will create an experience for your guest like none other, both visually and with comfort.

Prepare for Overnight Guests – Make Them Feel at Home

Prepare for Overnight Guests – Make Them Feel at Home

When friends and family come to stay it’s important to remember that it’s the little things that count.

How to prepare for guests

When you prepare for guests coming to visit the most important place to remember is the guest bedroom. Bed is one of the most tranquil places to be, so imagine bed with the unbelievable softness of luxurious Egyptian cotton. Though, please be aware, this material is so pleasant that it may make your guests never want to leave their cosy new haven.

A great way to make your guests feel comfortable in your home, is to provide extra pillows and blankets in case they need that little bit more comfort. Having these readily available to use shows off convenience allowing your guest to feel as comfortable as possible. Especially if they are a little chilly, the handiness of having an blanket in a convenient location means that during the night they do not have to search for it, or even worse, wake you up to find one!

If your guest bedroom doesn’t have space for a full-size wardrobe, no problem. Slot a hook over the bedroom door, add several clothes hangers, and guests can hang up their clothes with ease. Also giving guests the complete use of a chest of drawers provides a great amount of space for their belongings.


Guest Beds for Small Spaces

Guest Beds for Small Spaces

There are so many different ways these days to provide a comfortable resting place for a guest even if you have a very limited amount of space. Small spaces offer you the real chance to get creative. Creativity is shown in many forms, but when you have to fit a lot in to a very tight space, it is amazing how your imagination will inspire you to bring this to life.

Air Beds

Air beds are beneficial when maximising space because they can be deflated and packed away neatly in a small storage area to save space. Folding beds have a similar story, they can be folded up and hidden away. Which is extremely convenient when you are in a hurry. Some airbeds are available with an electric plug in pump which inflates your bed in minutes, taking the chore of pumping it up by foot out of it. Better than that, some even include a special valve to deflate your air bed as quick. Some air beds offer a headboard option which looks wonderful, also as a practicality it ensures that your pillows stay put while you sleep and do not disappear down the back of the bed.

Sofa Beds

If your space is being used on a daily basis as an office or study, consider a sofa bed. When there are no guests visiting, a sofa looks well and keeps the professionalism of your office, then when you have those planned or unplanned guests stay, like magic, a bed appears. With this, spending a little bit more money at the start will prove to be beneficial in the long run for both value and comfort.

Guest Beds

Guest beds area designed with your convenience in mind, many can be purchased with storage space which is ideal for keeping your bed linen and items for your guest to stay. Extra storage is also handy when you have children coming to visit, because of course you know that it is essential to provide toys and games for them to enjoy during their stay, just because they are little does not mean they should not be treated anything less than that of a little prince or princess. This makes a 2-in-1 guest bed ideal for those tiny visitors.

Sleep like a queen or king

Sleep like a queen or king

In life, we often find ourselves opening up our homes to house guests.

May it be those that we love deeply, good friends or those that are welcomed in because they just need a place to stay. Whatever your reason for finding yourself with house guests, making them feel welcomed should be a fundamental principle of any home.

A guest bed should be one that demonstrates both comfort and support. What is more welcoming than a bed that throws out an invitation from the moment you set eyes on it.

Most guests that come into your home are taking a break from the ordinary of their everyday life – so no doubt they are looking for a place to relax and embrace the freedom of being away from the normal. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to show off and lavish your guests with the effort that they deserve.

Guest Beds

Guest beds are a practical solution with so many options, inflatable, folding, pull out and of course a good old trust worthy divan. Whatever type of guest bed, they are all designed with one purpose in mind, to take up as little space as possible when it is not in use.

Alas, choosing your guest bed is an important decision with many factors that you have to take in to account. What type of bed are you interested in? What is your price range? How often do you have guests?

There are many different choices to make to ensure that your guest is able to get the best night’s sleep possible.


If you are looking for a proper mattress as opposed to an inflatable bed, shop for the best value not the lowest price. The better the construction, the better the support and comfort offered and the longer the bed will last. This is key for both normal mattresses and for folding guest beds. The quality that is available for folding beds is simply stunning and definitely worth investing in.


Another thing to be aware of when choosing the perfect bed for your beloved house guests is if they have allergies. There are mattresses specifically designed with anti-allergy properties. If you have pets make sure their hair is kept away from the guest’s room or bedding. This is something worth giving thought to, you never know who may pop in for an overnight stay.

If you have opted for a very comfortable inflatable bed, you can also purchase specific anti-allergy bedding for your guests.

Special touches

Ensuring that your guests have the most pleasant stay does not just stop at how comfortable their mattress is, it is all about the full package. Headboards provide a nice homely touch to any guest bed, not only is it a practical way to keep your pillows under control, but very pleasing to the eye. Even now, some inflatable beds are available with a headboard!

To conclude, do not compromise on quality when it comes to providing the best comfort for your guests. Ensure that a visit to your home is one worth telling their friends about.

Calming Atmosphere

Calming Atmosphere

An important part of relaxation is the ambiance that comes along with that. A calming atmosphere is one that is sought after by many, especially when trying to sleep. You are generally thrown off when you are sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, so creating this calming atmosphere is of high importance.

The decoration of your room is of key importance when creating an atmosphere in any room. Nothing will give a guest a warmer welcome than shots of bright colour contrasted with crisp white bed linen, a padded headboard to lounge against, and plenty of fun objects to catch the eye.

If your guest is arriving in the evening, walking in to a room that has been lit up with the beauty of lamplight, it creates a feeling relaxation. Providing your guest with a comfy chair allows the freedom of a little alone time for reading and relaxing without having to get in to bed.

A great investment in a guest room is a good set of curtains, ensuring that your guest is protected from the harsh outdoor light or the evening street lights.

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