Wool bedding has many unique features, making it an exceptional choice for your bedroom.

Temperature Regulating Effects

  • The wool fibres naturally regulate your body temperature keeping you at your optimum temperature throughout the night.
  • The bedding will continue to work in this way despite changing seasons, warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • An ideal option for couples who can’t agree on the warmth of a traditional tog rated duvet. Wool will regulate your temperature separately.

Reduced Heart Rate

  • Wool bedding reduces your heart rate promoting a deeper more relaxed sleep.


  • Wool has a natural resistance to dust mites therefore it is asthma and allergy friendly.


  • Part of wool’s breathability comes from its power to draw moisture away from the skin and release it through evaporation.
  • This offers a more refreshing nights sleep on those warmer nights and prevents dampness.

Types of Wool

  • Alpaca
    Depending on how it’s spun organic Alpaca wool can be light or heavy in weight. It is a durable, soft, luxurious natural fibre. It is similar to sheep wool but is warmer, not as itchy and does not contain lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic.
  • Cashmere
    Cashmere wool comes from goats in the Kashmir region of South East Asia. It is a labour intensive wool with each Kashmir goat only capable of producing 4-6 ounces of wool fibre per year. Made without high temperatures or harsh chemicals and works as a natural insulator. Cashmere can keep you up to 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool.
  • Sheep
    Sheep’s wool is a natural insulator. It is a renewable fibre source that is biodegradable and incredibly breathable. It is odour resistant and is naturally hypoallergenic. A staple for centuries, sheep’s wool is the most common wool used in manufacturing.

Ethical, Sustainable and Locally Sourced

We source our wool products from UK based manufactures that nurture traditional hand crafted methods of creating high quality wool bedding. The fibres they use are natural, renewable materials from sustainable farms in Britain, hand sewn in their workshops and finished to a high standard. Alpaca wool is completely eco-friendly. Alpaca Wool is one of the most ethical products available as Alpacas are not killed for their fur or meat. Sheep and alpaca wool is also naturally biodegradable and can be used in composting1 unlike many synthetic materials that take a long time to break down.

Duvet Weight

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