For anyone who has ever woken up with a bad case of creased morning skin and bad bed hair, help is at hand – and it could be easier than you think to become a sleeping beauty.

According to sleep expert Sammy Margo, better skin and glossier hair can be achieved with minimal effort. In fact it’s so easy, you can do it in your sleep.

The answer is to switch to silk pillowcases.

Sammy, author of The Good Sleep Guide and The Good Sleep Guide For Kids and sleep expert for SlumberSlumber, says thatcotton, linen and polyester pillowcases all wick away moisture from your skin. Eight hours’ of cuddling up to those fabrics can leave skin looking ‘folded’ and make hair dull and lifeless.

The potentially rejuvenating benefits of silk have their basis in science. Sammy says, “No pillowcase can stop wrinkles forming – unfortunately! – but using silk can dramatically reduce the amount of moisture which we all lose from the skin during the night and which can cause dry, aged  looking skin. Because moisture levels are maintained and not absorbed, deeper lines and wrinkles don’t get a chance to form at the same rate.

“I did a personal ‘test drive’ with silk pillowcases and became an overnight convert! I haven’t abandoned my bed-time ritual of skin creams, but I have found that, with the silk pillowcase, my night cream is fully absorbed onto my skin and doesn’t rub off like it usually does, allowing the cream to work to maximum effect.”

Importantly, silk is also the perfect, natural choice for allergy sufferers because dustmites can’t live on the fabric. The long-known hypoallergenic properties of silk can also ease conditions such as eczema and asthma.

“This is a practical and drug-free step which anyone can take to combat the sort of common morning sniffles, sneezes and puffy faces which are often signs of mild allergies.”

Glossier hair is an added bonus. Sammy says, “Many years ago our grandmothers would have polished their hair with a piece of silk to bring out its natural sheen. Silk which is made up from eighteen amino acids with the same pH balance as your skin, can still add lustre to hair. I know that many hairdressers recommend silk pillowcases as a way to retain volume. I certainly find that my silk pillowcase keeps my hair glossy and my style fresh.

“We often see silk on the ingredients list of upmarket skin moisturizers and creams, in mineral makeup, and hair care products – my advice is to bring that luxury into the bedroom. After all, where better to indulge in a little pampering, especially if you can justify it on the grounds of health and general well-being?”

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