What are Silver Ions?

Silver Ions are a safe, natural antimicrobial additive that can be added to materials in bedding to help reduce the growth of bacteria and mould.

Benefits of Silver Ions in Bedding

  • Natural anti-bacterial
    Silver ions are a safe, natural anti-bacterial product that is added at the point of material manufacture. Their anti-bacterial properties help to stop the growth of bacteria and mould before they have a chance to multiply. It works continuously for the lifetime of the product, reducing levels of bacteria and mould by up to 99.9%
  • Non-toxic and odour resistant
    Silver ions are non-toxic and odour resistant. They ensure a cleaner sleeping environment and are recommended for those who suffer from allergies and spot prone, sensitive skin. They are particularly recommended for use in mattress covers as they will prevent the multiplication of bacteria and reduce allergies. Silver Ions are kind to your skin and do not interfere with its natural balance.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Silver


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