Bamboo has many unique benefits, making it an exceptional choice of bedding.

Temperature regulating effects

Bamboo bedding does not trap excess heat under the covers, working with your body to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long. Bamboo wicks away heat and moisture from you twice as fast as cotton reducing the humidity in your bed by an impressive 50%!

If you are suffering from hot flashes brought on by the menopause Bamboo bedding is the perfect choice. When your hormones kick in and raise your body temperature, bamboo bedding compensates this by wicking away the extra heat and sweat. By keeping you cooler and drier, you won’t overheat when you sleep meaning you’re less likely to wake from a hot flash and you can finally sleep through the night[1]. By working together with your body, bamboo bedding is able to keep you at the ideal temperature all night long[2].

Bamboo Bedding 100% Bamboo Duvet

100% Bamboo Filled Duvet


It is naturally hypoallergenic, mild and gentle as unlike many other materials Bamboo is not treated with pesticides or fungicides. It does not hold onto odour either which can provide relief from common irritants such as fragrances or perfumes.

Bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial and has a unique antimicrobial agent called bamboo-kun that naturally kills bacteria and other microbes. Less bacteria prevents irritated or eczema prone skin from becoming infected[3].


100% Bamboo Fitted Sheet

Moisture Wicking

Bamboo is four times more absorbent than cotton, it keeps skin cool and dry by quickly wicking away moisture from the skin helping you to retain a natural body temperature. It is also mould and mildew resistant.

Unlike traditional cotton rather than becoming trapped, bamboo sheets pull the moisture away from you into the fibres of your bedding. This moisture rises to the surface of your organic bedding and evaporates, cooling you off exactly the same way your body does when you sweat.


100% Bamboo Oxford Pillowcase

Naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew

Bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo bed sheets also minimise allergies by reducing the amount of moisture in your bed which discourages one of the primary triggers of allergies, dust mites, from living in your bed.

Dust mites love to make their homes in synthetic and down materials as they retain moisture and provide a better living habitat, making the dry environment of Bamboo uninhabitable. Allergy sufferers often experience restless sleep due to the irritating symptoms caused by dust mites, but by investing in bamboo bedding products, these triggers are minimised and sufferers can enjoy the full night of deep, undisturbed sleep they deserve.

100% Bamboo bed linen

100% Bamboo Bed Sheets

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