Creating a calming atmosphere is really important when drifting off to sleep. 

The decoration of your room is of key importance when creating an atmosphere in any room. Nothing will give a guest a warmer welcome than shots of bright colour contrasted with crisp white bed linen. A padded headboard to lounge against, and plenty of fun objects to catch the eye.

If your guest is arriving in the evening, walking into a room that has been lit up with the beauty of lamplight. This creates a feeling of relaxation. Providing your guest with a comfy chair allows the freedom of a little alone time for reading and relaxing without having to get into bed.

A great investment in a guest room is a good set of curtains, ensuring that your guest is protected from the harsh outdoor light or the evening street lights.

Special Touches

Detail is a key factor that is often overlooked, may it be disregarded in a hurry or because it is not seen as of high importance. Detail pulls the room together and creates an overall tone of the room. A box of tissues, fresh towels and soaps that are available, are...

Prepare for Overnight Guests – Make Them Feel at Home

When friends and family come to stay it's important to remember that it's the little things that count. How to prepare for guests When you prepare for guests coming to visit the most important place to remember is the guest bedroom. Bed is one of the most tranquil...

Guest Beds for Small Spaces

There are so many different ways these days to provide a comfortable resting place for a guest even if you have a very limited amount of space. Small spaces offer you the real chance to get creative. Creativity is shown in many forms, but when you have to fit a lot in...

Sleep like a queen or king

In life, we often find ourselves opening up our homes to house guests. May it be those that we love deeply, good friends or those that are welcomed in because they just need a place to stay. Whatever your reason for finding yourself with house guests, making them feel...

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