An important part of relaxation is the ambiance that comes along with that. A calming atmosphere is one that is sought after by many, especially when trying to sleep. You are generally thrown off when you are sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, so creating this calming atmosphere is of high importance.

The decoration of your room is of key importance when creating an atmosphere in any room. Nothing will give a guest a warmer welcome than shots of bright colour contrasted with crisp white bed linen, a padded headboard to lounge against, and plenty of fun objects to catch the eye.

If your guest is arriving in the evening, walking in to a room that has been lit up with the beauty of lamplight, it creates a feeling relaxation. Providing your guest with a comfy chair allows the freedom of a little alone time for reading and relaxing without having to get in to bed.

A great investment in a guest room is a good set of curtains, ensuring that your guest is protected from the harsh outdoor light or the evening street lights.

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