Detail is a key factor that is often overlooked, may it be disregarded in a hurry or because it is not seen as of high importance. Detail pulls the room together and creates an overall tone of the room. A box of tissues, fresh towels and soaps that are available, are an easy addition to a guest room, but definitely make the guest feel welcomed.

Flowers, again are an easy extra but brighten up the room in only a way that nature can do.

The little things…

Offering a tray with bottled water and light snacks may seem a little over the top when there is a full kitchen nearby, but some guests may not feel totally comfortable heading towards the kitchen.

Even the simplicity of a rug provides a feeling of overall warmth in the room, and also keeps their toes warm!

Invest that little bit extra in detail and it will create an experience for your guest like none other, both visually and with comfort.

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