Prepare for Overnight Guests

When we open up our homes to guests, ensuring they feel comfortable and welcome is our first and foremost priority. In this section we look at the various ways we can create the most hospitable environment for overnight guests.

Special Touches

Detail is a key factor that is often overlooked, may it be disregarded in a hurry or because it is not seen as of high importance. Detail pulls the room together and creates an overall tone of the room. A box of tissues, fresh towels and soaps that are available, are...

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Make them feel at home

Providing quality bed linen for your house guest is one of the greatest gifts that they could receive. It is as important as the comfort of the mattress and pillows that they are sleeping on. One of the greatest things about a luxurious hotel break is their super cosy...

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Small spaces and children visiting

Small or limited spaces should never be an excuse not to host a guest. There are plenty of ways to find a suitable guest bed without compromising on comfort. There are so many different ways these days to provide a comfortable resting place for a guest even if you...

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Sleep like a queen or king

In life, we often find ourselves opening up our homes to guests. May it be those that we love deeply, good friends or those that are welcomed in because they just need a place to stay. Whatever your reason for finding yourself with a house guest, making them feel...

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Calming Atmosphere

An important part of relaxation is the ambiance that comes along with that. A calming atmosphere is one that is sought after by many, especially when trying to sleep. You are generally thrown off when you are sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, so creating this calming...

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