Sleep & Travel

Travel and staying away from home can disturb our normal sleep pattern. In this section we look at ways to minimise this disruption.

Travel must-haves

Travelling and comfort do not usually appear in the same sentence without the thought of high costs. However, there are many low cost ways to make those long travels that bit more bearable. It really is the simple things that make travel easier and more comfortable....

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Bed bugs

Upon arrival to your exotic location or downtown hotel getaway, the excitement of a new adventure often permits you to neglect some of the more unpleasant tasks. Bed bugs, two words every traveller dreads. Preparation is key to ensure that you fully protect yourself...

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Travel sleep tips for babies and small children

Travelling with small children and babies should be a time of celebration and overwhelming joy, yet it is something that is often seen as a daunting task. To ensure a successful trip, preparation is key. Before you travel, it is important to make sure that you have a...

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Jetlag and sleep

The ability to travel is one of life’s greatest and sweetest gifts. Seeking adventure into the unknown, revisiting your favourite places or keeping it strictly business. Whatever reason you find yourself travelling, often we can find ourselves on the slightly less...

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