Upon arrival to your exotic location or downtown hotel getaway, the excitement of a new adventure often permits you to neglect some of the more unpleasant tasks. Bed bugs, two words every traveller dreads. Preparation is key to ensure that you fully protect yourself from bed bugs.


Bed bugs can be found anywhere, from the homes of the rich and famous to well-established hotels. It is important to check for bed bugs on arrival. Once you arrive in the room, the natural motion is to throw your luggage or jacket on to the bed, this is not a good move if you have not checked the bed bug situation or you will be bringing home an infested suitcase. We would recommend that your luggage is kept off the floor and away from the walls and furniture & that you place your items into a clean bath tub.

There are different measures that you can take but first of all, the most important thing, check your bed.

How to check your bed for bed bugs

  • You will need a torch and a credit card before you begin your check.
  • Start examining your bed linen by removing all bedding
  • Run your torch over the bed sheet to look for any evidence of excrement or blood stains. However, there may not be any signs if the bedding has just been changed
  • Examine the surface of the mattress using the torch, once again looking for excrement and bloodstains, as well as for bed bugs skins that may have been shed and eggs
  • Take a credit card to run along the mattress seam, whilst holding it open to investigate with your torch. Look out for live bed bugs, skins or excrement
  • Use the same process on buttons, traps and tags on the mattress
  • Watch out for bed bugs whilst you flip your mattress and check all around the bed frame as you do so. It is recommended that this is done by two people to avoid strain or injury
  • Move the bed away from the wall and use the torch to look for fleeing bugs, or stains of excrement or signs of blood spots
  • Bed bugs may also be hiding in the crevices between pieces of wood or in the holes of screws, so ensure you thoroughly examine the underside of the bed frame

Find out more about checking for bed bugs here.

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