If you suffer from snoring we have created a guide helping you pin-point solutions to your snoring issues.

There are many causes of snoring and this guide to snoring is designed to help you find solutions and is not an alternative to medical advice.


A pillow that does not support your neck and head properly can cause snoring. If your head and neck are not properly supported your airways can be restricted. This puts undue stress on your throat muscles and causes snoring.

Try: The Tempur Original range of pillows are waved shaped with two heights to offer an optimal sleeping posture.  The memory foam inner moulds to the shape of your head and neck giving you extra support and helping to keep your airways open.

Try: Dunlopillo Kontour has been designed to give you support and comfort. The wave shape offers two height levels and Dunlopillo’s natural latex filling offers cooling comfort with its unique pores that let excess heat escape. This pillow is ideal for helping keep your airways open and offering superb comfort.


Many people suffer from allergies particularly in the bedroom, dust mites can cause inflammation in the nose and throat and this can cause snoring.

Try: Anti allergy bedding such as Allersafe are blended with Amicor Pure Acrylic Fibre that inhibits the growth and development of dust mites.  Snoring that is caused by a dust mite allergy brings the dual distress of irritated throat and nose combined with snoring. The Allersafe range of bedding can prevent the allergic reaction and improve snoring.

Mouth and Nose

Mouth: Open your mouth and try to make a snoring noise. Then close your mouth and try and make the same noise. If you can only make the noise with your mouth open then you’re a mouth breather.

Nose: Allergies can cause your nose to swell and prevent correct breathing patterns. Using anti allergy bedding could be one option, as mentioned above.

If you do not have allergic reactions.

Try:  Good Night Anti Snore Ring uses acupressure to help eliminate snoring and work in harmony with your body’s bio rhythms. The ring uses two acupressure points, SI2 & HT9 to help alleviate snoring and increase the natural flow of your body’s energy. We are so confident that if you are not satisfied with the ring within the first 30 days we offer a money back guarantee!

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