Allergies during exam season

Allergies during exam season

Research suggests that students who have allergies or hay fever on exam day are 40% more likely to drop a grade. However this percentage is increased to 70% if they take antihistamine treatments which can cause drowsiness.

Hay fever is caused by pollen from trees, grass and weeds. For most, hay fever is harmless but for some it can cause an allergic reaction which includes sneezing, itchy eyes and headaches.

To deal with the problem students have traditionally had a choice of taking medication and risking the drowsy effects that can follow or feel the full on force of hay fever symptoms.

However there are a number of precautions that can be taken in the run up to and throughout exam period, many of which are natural, without negative side effects which can tip the scales in students favour.


It’s important to protect the rooms where studying and sitting exams are taking place. Creating a good environment for study ensures students have the best chance when it comes to putting pen to paper. Air purifiers to rid rooms of pollen and other allergens, and steam cleaners also are good for providing a deeper level of cleaning. Both will make a huge impact on the amount of pollen present in your home. Don’t forget to protect your clothes too. Our Bio-Life Fabric Cleanse denatures 90% of pollen found on your clothes.

In the lead up to exam day

Try out products that can help before exam time so that way you know if they are suited to you.

On the Big Exam Day

If possible ensure any medication taken is non-drowsy. Remember to bring water and tissues into the exam room with you; keeping hydrated helps reduce side effects. Before the exam try and reduce the amount of time you spend outdoors and while indoors keep windows closed to reduce pollen intake. If you wear them don’t forget your glasses they offer an extra shield from pollen.

Hay fever? What hay fever? Good luck everyone!

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