All You Need To Know About Togs

All You Need To Know About Togs

Tog is a measure of warmth, the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet as indicated in the guide below:

A Guide to Tog Ratings

4.5 Tog For summer use
9.0 Tog For spring/autumn use
10.5 Tog For those with central heating or who share a bed
13.5 Tog Colder seasons, or for those who prefer a warm duvet
13.5 Four Seasons 3 warmth options from 2 duvets:
4.5 tog for summer
9.0 tog for spring/autumn
13.5 tog when joined together for winter

If you need help in determining which tog is the right one for you, the following questions may help:

  • Do you share a bed? ( A second person in the bed will greatly increase the warmth generated, so a lower tog is required)
  • Is your bedroom generally warm or cold?
  • Is the duvet going to be used in the winter, summer or all year round?

Sammy Margo’s Guide to Buying a Duvet

As the winter draws in and the nights get longer and colder it is time to think about a new duvet. But buying a duvet can be a confusing task, so I am going to try and simplify it.

As well as choosing the filling of your duvet, you will also have a choice of Togs, for most people choosing the Tog is the hardest part!

The Tog rating indicates the warmth of the duvet and generally people use different Tog duvets at different times in the year. Winter duvets are usually 13.5 Tog, summer duvets are usually 4.5 Tog, and mid season duvets are usually around 9 or 10 Tog. But what do you do if you don’t want three duvets taking up valuable storage space?

One option in the winter is to use a cellular blanket on top of a mid season duvet, this adds warmth without weight as the open weave traps air. In the summer you could get rid of your duvet altogether and just sleep with the duvet cover.

My favourite compromise is to buy an all season duvet which is a combination of two duvets stuck together with poppers totalling 13.5 Tog. One of the duvets is 9.0 Tog and the other is 4.5 Tog. In the winter you can use both duvets together, the spring just the 9.0 Tog, the summer the 4.5 Tog, and the autumn the 9.0 Tog.

One other option is to buy a wool duvet which is naturally temperature regulating. What that means is that it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so you never have to change your duvet.


The tog of a duvet indicates its warmth level and is not an indicator of weight, quality or value for money.

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