Best pillows for different sleeping positions

Best pillows for different sleeping positions

You might not realise it, but depending on the position you sleep in certain pillows might be better for you than others. Different areas of your body, particularly your back and neck, will require different support depending on whether you’re a side sleeper, a back sleeper or a front sleeper.

What pillow do I need if I sleep on my side?

When lying on your side, the pillow should support your head and neck so that your spine maintains the midline position. Weight should be evenly distributed so as not to create unnatural bending or pressure. Some people may like to place a small pillow or rolled-up towel under their waist for additional support while lying on their side, especially if they have an hourglass figure.


If you sleep on your side, you might want to consider a Dunlopillo Super Comfort Latex Pillow. For more side sleeper pillow options click here.

What pillow do I need if I sleep on my back?

Your posture should support the natural curvature of your spine; there should also be adequate support under your head, neck and shoulders. Placing a pillow or two beneath the knees further alleviates any back strain. This is the gentlest position for the back and can help you drift off to sleep, but bear in mind that during the night the pillows may move as you move, and if you wake up you will need to reposition them.


The SlumberSlumber Australian Wool Blend Pillow is ideal for someone who sleeps on their back.
Other back sleeper pillow options available here.

What pillow do I need if I sleep on my front?

When sleeping or resting on your stomach, your pillow should be relatively flat or removed. This will help keep your spine in line and enable you to sleep better. In this position, it is often best to place another relatively flat pillow under your stomach. They will help minimise the amount of strain on your lower back as well as the amount of twisting for your neck.


A Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe Latex Pillow is perfect for front sleepers.
If you’re a front sleeper, find you perfect pillow here.

For a good night’s sleep the pillow that is best for you is one that you can squish and fluff to meet your contours and sleeping position. Your pillow should fit you like a glove. Your goal when buying a new pillow is to know what pillow firmness is going to allow your neck and spine to be aligned properly, so there is no gap between your neck and your mattress.

Another thing to consider when you buy your pillow is that it is a good idea to buy more than one to give other areas of your body further support to bring you a sound night’s sleep.

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