Ever since images of the ocean blanketed with plastic were shown on the television and shared online, a wave of environmentally aware attitudes has washed over both shoppers and businesses alike. Jay-Be has dived into this eco-friendly wave and are continually looking for ways to improve how the company can be better for the environment.

In 2008, Jay-Be won the British Furniture Manufacturer Best Bed Award for their first eco-mattress. This was the result of a four-year long research project, working with scientists and the UK government, to understand the true effect of the bed industry on the environment. Jay-Be have been working with this knowledge to bring their customers a sustainable, environmentally friendly sleep.

One World Together™ & The Environment

Their new concept, One World Together™, symbolises the idea that everyone must make a combined effort to change the world for the better. As well as creating environmentally friendly products, Jay-Be are committed to educating their customers. This helps the environment because the customer can make informed choices while understanding how they can do their bit to help us move towards a more sustainable future. Jay-Be have also set goals and targets to reduce energy and water consumption, while minimising waste in their day-to-day business.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)

Jay-Be were awarded official certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) in 2013. The FSC® is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the world’s forests. By doing this, the FSC® protects the wildlife and people who call these forests home. By adhering to the rules required to maintain their FSC® certification, Jay-Be ensures that all wood used in their products is harvested from 100% traceable and approved sustainable, ethical sources.

The comfort layers used in their mattresses are recyclable and re-usable. Plus, Jay-Be’s use of recycled plastic actively diverts the equivalent of more than sixty million plastic bottles per year from going into landfill.

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